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Collegiate Applique - Clemson

Collegiate applique sets.
I’m going on and posting these today due to multiple people requesting.
All payments must be received by 8/29 at 5pm EST or your order will be canceled. Please do not comment if you cannot pay.
Please leave email for invoicing.
Rompers only go to size 3t.
Please make sure you specify boy or girl on rompers!
Please specify team!
Sizes below 2t fit like the second number. Sizes 5/6 and above fit like the first number.
These will arrive mid October.
Rompers $20
Sets $22
Shirt $16
Please don’t comment under the picture- please comment on the thread!
I think that answers most any question! It will take me a few to get everyone tagged.
Material: 95% cotton, 5%spandex

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