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Hair Dryer


😮⭐️Hair Dryer Round #6⭐️😮

Hands down the BEST hair dryer you will have ever owned!!! We have sent out over 500 of these AMAZING hair dryers and continue to receive messages asking for another round! LOVE how quickly it dries mine and my girls hair and leaves it feeling so soft and smooth...also love how it doesn’t get super hot causing me to sweat🤣👏🏻💕

I’ve received so many messages from you all begging for these again....lots are snatching up for Christmas gifts....which umm they will make EXCELLENT gifts💕

Available to order in



•WHITE (not pictured)


2weeks to arrive after we order!

It’s like the Dyson that retails for $400

But these are literally an 1/8 of the price!!!!!

$ 50 pickup $58.00 shipped

Closing MONDAY Nov 25 Ordering Tuesday November 26th All unpaid invoices will be canceled at 12pm EST Monday unless you have messaged me and made arrangements!😘

Comment with email, color and pickup(VILLA RICA ) or shipped to order!

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